Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Our last blog told the story of two courageous women, crippled from birth, who are traveling from village to village planting churches. Graduates of ER’s SOE program, these brave ladies routinely overcome obstacles that would seem insurmountable to others.

We recently received a report from the SOE Director in Chhattisgarh, and together these women have planted ten churches! Remember, even though they are physically challenged, they are like the old-fashioned “circuit riders” familiar to us from the early days of Methodism in the U.S. They plant churches, train lay leaders, and visit regularly to equip and encourage the church to reach out to others.

How is this done? Consider the story of the planting of one congregation.  Paavai and Danna traveled to a remote village where they learned the story of a man who was bound by a demon. For ten years he had been possessed, acting out in such violence that his family had tied him to a chair for their own safety and his. (Although his name was shared with us, we are protecting his identity.)

Desperate, his family had sought intervention from many sources. None had helped. One day they heard about these two young ladies who had a powerful prayer ministry.  Paavai and Danna were summoned, and began to fast and pray for the man’s deliverance. Three days of intense spiritual warfare was undertaken, and at last the man was miraculously delivered!

News of this victory spread throughout the village, and the man and his entire family received Christ as their Savior. A church has been established in that locale, and now the Word of God is being taught, new believers are being discipled, and a beacon of light shines into the darkness.

This is only one of many testimonies being received about the ministry of these dear ladies. It all began with the message of love; although they were discarded by their culture because of their physical disabilities, the news of the love of Christ transformed them from being cast-offs to being leaders in the Kingdom of God.

It was the ministry of Schools of Evangelism that brought transformation to these ladies, and to ten villages which previously did not have Christian churches.  Your prayers and giving to Evangelism Resources made this possible. Can you imagine this story multiplied thousands of times?  There are more than 10,000 SOE graduates ministering right now in countries around the world!

If your heart is stirred by this story, perhaps the Lord is leading you to join our 24/7 Prayer Team. Right now, someone is praying for ER ministries; requests are listed daily on our website. Click here to go to a link with instructions for joining our prayer team.

From now through the end of December, ER needs $99,600 to pay for the training of those now enrolled in SOEs.  Will you pray, and if possible, consider a year-end gift to support the training of young people like Paavai and Danna?  Your support is vital!

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Check in next week to learn how an SOE student in Nigeria perseveres while his family endures danger from Muslim terrorism.

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