Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Road Warriors

India’s roads are unbelievably crowded. Along with trucks and buses, taxis, motorcycles and motorized rickshaws, a few intrepid souls venture forth on bicycles. They literally take their lives into their own hands.

A newspaper columnist captured the dilemma perfectly, writing, “’India lives in its villages,’ Gandhi said. But increasingly, the people of India are dying on its roads… Poor road planning, inadequate law enforcement, a surge in trucks and cars, and a flood of untrained drivers have made India the world’s death capital.” Bicycle fatalities jumped 40% in only five years to more than 118,000 in 2008, and that statistic has continued to climb.  

Into the tide of vehicles ride committed men and women on a mission.  Many of ER’s School of Evangelism graduates minister in rural villages, and bicycle travel is the most economical mode of transportation.  Challenges include roads that are poorly maintained; some are nearly impassable during the rainy season. When one considers the added danger of being struck by another vehicle, the risks are formidable, indeed.

The SOE Director in Maharashtra state recently sent photos of some of his graduates with their new bicycles. Their pictures are included here, but their faces have been blurred to protect their identities from those who might seek to persecute them. They are willing to face hardship and dangers for a higher purpose–that of seeking the lost to introduce them to the Savior.

India travel is no less dangerous for those in cars, or even pedestrians. ER AIDA Director S_____ R_____ was seriously injured in a car accident; God graciously helped him to recover and return to work. ER partner, beloved Dr. T.S. David from Rajasthan, died a few years ago from injuries sustained in a car accident. In November, a precious SOE graduate was killed while standing beside a road in northeast India, struck by a truck. He left behind a grieving widow and children.

Will you pray Psalm 91 for these intrepid souls? “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. (v. 10-12). And then will you pray that God will give them fruit for their labors, precious people who will receive the truth of the gospel and put their faith in Jesus Christ?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


All my family members are idol worshippers... I wanted to commit suicide… I was addicted to alcohol at a very young age… These are the exact words of student testimonies re­ceived from the SOE in Andhra Pradesh, India. As part of the SOE reporting process, we receive these testimonies, which are such a blessing that we want to share a few with you. We have not “prettied up” the English, but the message is clear. We have not shared actual names so as to protect these students from persecutors.
Jathra in Andhra Pradesh with people mostly from the Banjara tribe

Mr. B.N., age 35:All our family members are idol wor­shippers. When I heard the gospel in the Jathra (a large evangelistic meeting) for the very first time, I surrendered my life to the Lord Almighty. As a result, at my home and thanda (economic trade region) I was ex-communicated. I prayed, God answered my prayers, and today my entire family has accepted the Lord. I had the opportunity to at­tend a PBS; now my goal is to plant 11 churches.”
Women studying in the Andhra Pradesh School of Evangelism*

Ms. S.J.B., age 30: “There were several times in my life when I wanted to commit suicide. One of the major reasons was because of my husband. An evangelistic team from the BBPT ministry came and stayed in our village for three days. I listened to the wonderful teaching about the ways the Lord healed the sick and gave life to the broken-hearted. One of the team members prayed with me and I surrendered my life to the Lord. Eventually, my husband also accepted the Lord and came out of his addiction. When I accepted the Lord my life changed; even though we have financial problems at home, we have peace and we are liv­ing happily. I attended the Women’s Conference and a GC3 Camp. My goal is to plant 10 churches among the Banjara.”
Mr. B.N.R., age 20: “I was addicted to alcohol at a very young age. I think it was a generational curse. Many people in our family died at a very young age. I al­most spoiled my life. When I came for the GC3 camp, I heard a doctor preach, ‘Your bodies are the Temple of God.’ She gave an eye-opening talk about AIDS and I fell face down to the ground and started asking God to forgive me for all that I have done. I repented in the camp, and later I changed my life completely. I am happy to be here at the SOE and praise God for all that you have done. I have prayed for the entire community since my conversion. I believe that one day God will transform the entire village. I organized a youth camp (GC3 spin-off) in our region and the SOE Director came. My goal is to plant 17 churches among the Banjara.”
Praise the Lord! Thank you for making possible 
the training and evangelistic efforts which are 
transforming lives one by one!

*Faces in the photo are blurred to protect their identities from persecutors.

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