Friday, December 27, 2013

Swept Away!

G___ M____, her family, and the three remaining chickens
G___ M___ sits amidst the ruins of her homestead, wiped out by Cyclone Phailin, which struck Odisha State in India in early November 2013. Only three of her 30 chickens were saved as her shed was washed away in flood waters. Now she and her family must rely on charity and government assistance to survive. Evangelism Resources’ School of Evangelism is mobilizing to meet her needs, and those of many others, primarily from the Kaibartta Unreached People Group. 

The M___ and S___ families now live in tents
It’s hard for those of us who have never experienced this kind of loss to imagine the devastation. Homes are built in only a very rudimentary way, so the force of the storm surge destroyed everything. Crops, livestock and agriculture are the only means of subsistence for many in Odisha, so the ruination of an entire season’s crop is catastrophic. Many will not even have seed to sow in the spring for next year’s harvest. Many survivors have only the clothing on their backs.

C___ M____ S___'s house was destroyed
As the Bible says in Matthew 5:45, God “causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” Certainly Christians have not been spared the ruinous effects of the storm. They are among the thousands who have lost homes and now live in temporary shelters.  Most people in the region are hungry and thirsty. They don’t know when, or if, help will arrive.

The cyclone that struck the Philippines a month later was also devastating, but it drew media focus away from the disaster already weeks old in Odisha. Our School of Evangelism (SOE), under the leadership of D.B. H., has been actively ministering to needs since the moment the flood waters began to recede. The campus was the staging ground for government search and rescue operations, and is still seen as a beacon of hope for people who have nowhere else to turn.

H____, a Christian. His house was destroyed.
Along with provisions and material support, SOE staff and students are also sharing a very important message: the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray with us that their efforts to share the love of Jesus with families in crisis will be fully funded, and that people will respond to their generosity with curiosity to know more about the God whom these Christians serve.

Please pray for this effort, and give, if the Lord prompts you, through our online giving portal at: 

Designate your gift to “Kaibartta Cyclone Relief.”

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Friday, December 20, 2013

GC3 Flame Spreads to Ghana

The vision of Great Commission Challenge Camps, from the very beginning, was to mobilize youth between the ages of 16 and 30 with a passion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Tentmaker’s Manual is chock full of information to equip the young people to do just that. The youth movement took off like a wildfire in India. Scheduled camps were planned and held, and soon reports were coming of spin-off camps taking place funded entirely by indigenous leaders who saw the powerful witness for Christ that was being unleashed.

Emmanual Kobina Eshun (Ghana) and N___ W____ (India)
The second phase of the GC3 vision was to spread the movement to the continent of Africa. Who could better complete this task than some of the very Indian youth who had emerged as leaders in GC3-India? Right now, as you read this blog, more than 500 African youth have been trained and challenged in Master Trainer’s Seminars and Great Commission Challenge Camps. They each carry in their hearts the vision to find three other youth to disciple with the Tentmaker’s Manual, who will then be challenged to begin again with three disciples of their own.

Leaders from India and Ghana
Sent from India to Africa were brothers N_____ W_____ and M_____ S_____ B_____. They arrived in Ghana on December 4, and on December 5 they traveled to a retreat center in Aburi, Ghana, where a total of 25 youth delegates awaited the message of God.  A key moment was when, after the “In Christ’’ lesson on personal holiness, young people were broken, kneeling and praying for forgiveness and asking for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

As the delegates prayed for the world, they sensed a keen message coming from God.  It has been written down by hearers in these words: “My redemption is to the ends of the Earth, Creation is waiting  for the manifestation of  my children. Now is the time. Are you ready? To those who are ready I will show Myself strong on their behalf. I have brought you here to prepare you for such a time as this.” Brother N_____delivered the closing message, the camp prayed  and Brother Emmanuel led the Commissioning Service where every delegate committed himself/herself to preaching the Gospel for the rest of their lives.
GC3-Ghana prayer group

Responses from the delegates indicated that God had indeed changed lives! Some reported that the GC3 Camp had awakened them to the mandate of the Great Commission. Others reported the camp to have been a transformational experience in the presence of God.

Will you continue to join Evangelism Resources in prayer for the youth of Africa? GC3 Camps, with Indian leadership and participation, will be taking place not only in Ghana, but several other African nations in the coming months.  Our God is faithful, and He who began this movement for His glory will continue to fan the flames as we pray for His work!

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Women's Impact Network (WIN) is launched!

The following report was submitted to the ER home office by S_____ R_____, the WIN/AIDA National Director. This blog is lengthy, but worth the time to read!

WIN Director (l) and a new WIN-ner
Praise the Lord! WIN is launched! The vision has begun to be a reality!

WIN’s orientation and launching took place on December 7-8 2013, in Nagpur, where the zero mile of India is located. Twenty-five selected women, twenty-three from seventeen states of India and two from Nepal, were invited to be WIN Coordinators in their respective states.

Two of the curriculum team led the sessions, along with me. One woman joined us as a helper with one of the delegates. A thorough explanation of WIN’s different structural and functional elements helped them to understand its vision and mission and specifically their responsibility as State Coordinators for WIN. The actual WIN program will begin in their states with WIN Summits.

Each one was excited, challenged and grateful to to God for choosing her for this significant ministry among women. We, too, were amazed to see the result— the impact of understanding WIN—on them. It was so quick and obvious that I felt surely God was assembling all parts for accomplishing His purpose. It was He who was uniting these women in the unity of the Spirit for being one in carrying forward the vision of WIN which, as they too understood, is actually the mission of the Great Commission.

These women—who have now become WIN-ners—the WIN State Coordinators, are from different denominations, both mainline and independent churches. Following is a listing of the denominations represented:

                              1.            Church in North India
                              2.            Disciples of Christ
                              3.            Evangelical Lutheran Church
                              4.            Brethren
                              5.            Methodist
                              6.            Assembly of God
                              7.            Baptist
                              1.            Hallelujah Church
                              2.            Orissa People’s Church
                              3.            Shiloh Pentecostal Church
                              4.            Carmel Pentecostal Church
                              5.            Assembly of Believers Church, etc.

There were many professions represented:
                              1.            Child Evangelist and an Editor of Hindi Daily Bread
                              2.            Principal of a government school
                              3.            Bible School Teacher
                              4.            Doctor, M.B.B.S. and M.D.  
                              5.            Girls’ Hostel Warden
                              6.            Manager of a Children’s Home
                              7.            Nurse
                              8.            Prayer Warrior
                              9.            Pastor’s wife
                         10.            Housewife etc.  

They were from different backgrounds/people groups:
                              1.            Brahmin
                              2.            Janjati
                              3.            Banjara
                              4.            Karbi
                              5.            Nadar
                              6.            Gond
                              7.            Muslim
                              8.            Scheduled Castes
                              9.            Damor
                         10.            Lepcha
                         11.            Bhutia
                         12.            Goala, Santhali, etc.

Some came sacrificially, facing various kinds of problems and difficulties:
                              1.            One left her one-year-old suckling daughter with relatives, while her husband brought her halfway and waited there for two days to take her back home.
                              2.            One was suffering from severe back pain.
                              3.            One was under much tension, as her teenage daughter was going through depression because of exceptionally serious gynecological problems. She was also being pressured by her son as they were facing difficulty paying his fees.
                              4.            One was sick with a severe throat problem and fever.
                              5.            Three, who traveled together, had only one berth in the train and could not rest well during their overnight journey.
                              6.            One came with her husband, since she was traveling such a long distance for the first time. Her husband, who had no place to stay, was taken home by another participant’s husband as they got introduced to each other at the railway station upon arrival in Nagpur.
                              7.            For one, it was her first time to travel by train so far. Her husband did not tell his parents about her trip since they, as village people, would have objected.
                              8.            One traveled alone for the first time, enduring much fear, and also had vertigo because of an inner ear disturbance just two days before the trip.
                              9.            One came even though her mother was very ill and was bedridden because of breaking her hip just a week before the conference.

Even in spite of all these diversities and difficulties, the response was the same – the WIN vision was instilled in their souls. They expressed it using different words:
                              1.            “I did not know about the AIDA Women’s Impact Network program, but now I have come to know that it is a very urgent work…so now I have a vision to carry out the WIN mission.” (Assam WIN Coordinator)
                              2.            “I am privileged to be a part of WIN. This meeting made an impact on me to know the purpose of my life for Christ. It also taught me to be a true disciple first and then disciple others.” (Andhra Pradesh WIN Coordinator)
                              3.            “I am proud to be a WIN-ner and want to be a good mentor and build up this discipleship activity regularly.” (Chhattisgarh WIN Coordinator)
                              4.            “I have understood the WIN vision very well. I will make true disciples and will be associated with WIN-AIDA and will advance this mission as a network.” (Gujarat WIN Coordinator)
                              5.            “I had one more opportunity for my self-evaluation, a chance for my renewal. With WIN I will do my best for His kingdom.” (Jharkhand WIN Coordinator)
                              6.            “I have been to many kinds of meetings and orientations, but WIN is totally a new concept. I will take it as a challenge to go to my state and win many women for Christ through WIN.” (Karnataka WIN Coordinator)
                              7.            “Lord, we have been doing so many things for You, but we did not make true disciples. Forgive us. Help us to be slaves of others and win many to be Your true disciples.” (Maharashtra WIN Coordinator)”
                              8.            “Women under a huge umbrella gives me a great joy. Yes, I am a WIN-ner and will win souls for the extension of God’s kingdom.” (Orissa WIN Coordinator)
                              9.            “I have learned what the vision of WIN is and I am going to Punjab with this vision.” (Punjab WIN Coordinator)
                         10.            “I liked this WIN because through this we can very well bring women into discipleship.” (Sikkim WIN Coordinator)
                         11.            “Now since I have been attached to WIN, WIN’s vision is my vision.” (Uttar Pradesh WIN Coordinator)
                         12.            “I have understood that I have to be a true disciple of Christ. I count it my privilege to contribute my efforts for fulfilling the vision of WIN. I will be a true disciple and will help others in becoming true disciples.” (Uttarakhand WIN Coordinator)
                         13.            “In the year 2010, I rededicated myself to the Lord and promised that by 2015 I would raise 100 spiritually-true disciples.  I did not know how I was going to do it, but now I know through WIN I can do it.” (West Bengal WIN Coordinator)
                         14.            “The WIN meeting in Nagpur was a blessing to me. It impacted me so much that I got encouragement to go, teach my people and make disciples. I will also share the same vision with my fellow women in Nepal.” (Nepal WIN Coordinator)
Sunday, December 8th was very special for us. Pastor (name withheld for security purposes: a Sikkim WIN-ner) and I led the worship service. It became a unique experience. Though we were not only from two nations but from different denominations, people groups and languages, we worshipped the Lord in the unity of the Spirit. Worship songs were sung in nine different languages by different participants. We meditated on 1 Corinthians 3:9-15. Applying that to our responsibility in WIN ministry—understanding that it is GOD’s work, a team work, with only one foundation that is JESUS; knowing that it requires carefulness on our part how we build; we dedicated ourselves  for His glory, to do the work by the grace He is going to give us.

Along with the PowerPoint presentation and explanation, all were given in written form WIN’s structural and functional details. It was used as a pledge form, “I understand …. I, therefore, pledge …” There was a question and answer time for them to feel free to ask their queries and discuss doubts. All these things served to strengthen their commitment to the structure and system of WIN. As all signed the acceptance and filled out the personal information form, all were declared WIN-ners, and WIN State Coordinators. 

For the launching ceremony, we handed each woman a card with the map of their respective state with the WIN logo on it. They were asked to come in a costume that represented their state or its people groups. Along with the Executive Director of AIDA, three ER School of Evangelism Directors were present. (Names withheld for security purposes.) They graciously joined us to present the women with the map cards as a symbol of official welcome as a State Coordinator of WIN. 

One WIN-ner and the map of her state
As I was about to tell them what was going to happen, I was reminded by the Spirit of the biblical record of the daughter of Pharoah handing over Moses to his own mother. With this inspiration, I said, “Some expositors say that when Pharaoh’s daughter said, ‘Take him….nurse him for Me,’ Jochebed actually heard the Lord saying to her, ‘Take him…nurse him for me.’  Today, as we hand over to you your state’s map with the WIN logo as a symbol of accepting WIN’s responsibility in your state, ‘Take it’ as from God." There was pin-drop silence, serenity in the whole hall. One by one they came forward; we could feel in their comportment the awe of God’s presence as well as a gleam in their eyes of receiving a marvelous opportunity. 

Pray that they continue in that experience and that God will prepare them for His purpose through WIN so that they fulfill the responsibility of WIN Coordinators in their states, impacting other WIN-ners for eternal life. 

It was not just a time of teaching and learning, or discussing and filling out forms. It was a moment of experiencing WIN’s vision right in our souls, by God’s own doing!  
The whole event reminded me of the beginning of AIDA. It was inaugurated as the Decade of Advance North India (DANI) in January of 1999, in the presence of Tata Dr. Willys Braun and Mama Thelma Braun, along with a team of friends and supporters of ER. At that event my husband and I were just local hosts. This time, by God’s grace, we were stewards of the WIN vision. As we thank God for this privilege, we thank you and all ER-AIDA partners for their prayer support. 

Several things were similar in both launchings. As I have witnessed God’s grace on DANI, and later on AIDA as it reproduced several fruitful ministries in the following years, I am confident in Him that He who has begun WIN’s good work will accomplish it for His glory, for His purpose, and according to His will. Therefore thankfully I pray, “Thy will be done through WIN.”  

Submitting joyfully, rejoicing in Him,
(name withheld)
WIN-AIDA Director