Friday, December 27, 2013

Swept Away!

G___ M____, her family, and the three remaining chickens
G___ M___ sits amidst the ruins of her homestead, wiped out by Cyclone Phailin, which struck Odisha State in India in early November 2013. Only three of her 30 chickens were saved as her shed was washed away in flood waters. Now she and her family must rely on charity and government assistance to survive. Evangelism Resources’ School of Evangelism is mobilizing to meet her needs, and those of many others, primarily from the Kaibartta Unreached People Group. 

The M___ and S___ families now live in tents
It’s hard for those of us who have never experienced this kind of loss to imagine the devastation. Homes are built in only a very rudimentary way, so the force of the storm surge destroyed everything. Crops, livestock and agriculture are the only means of subsistence for many in Odisha, so the ruination of an entire season’s crop is catastrophic. Many will not even have seed to sow in the spring for next year’s harvest. Many survivors have only the clothing on their backs.

C___ M____ S___'s house was destroyed
As the Bible says in Matthew 5:45, God “causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” Certainly Christians have not been spared the ruinous effects of the storm. They are among the thousands who have lost homes and now live in temporary shelters.  Most people in the region are hungry and thirsty. They don’t know when, or if, help will arrive.

The cyclone that struck the Philippines a month later was also devastating, but it drew media focus away from the disaster already weeks old in Odisha. Our School of Evangelism (SOE), under the leadership of D.B. H., has been actively ministering to needs since the moment the flood waters began to recede. The campus was the staging ground for government search and rescue operations, and is still seen as a beacon of hope for people who have nowhere else to turn.

H____, a Christian. His house was destroyed.
Along with provisions and material support, SOE staff and students are also sharing a very important message: the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray with us that their efforts to share the love of Jesus with families in crisis will be fully funded, and that people will respond to their generosity with curiosity to know more about the God whom these Christians serve.

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