Friday, September 13, 2013

More Fruit for God's Kingdom in Bihar!

In our previous blog you read the story of M_____ K_____, a young woman who had been cast off at the tender age of 19 by a husband who no longer wanted her because of a chronic sickness. The Lord healed this young woman, who graduated from an ER Portable Bible School in Bihar, India and now conducts women’s fellowships in five villages with more than 50 women in attendance!

Was your heart moved by M____’s testimony? Have you been praying for her? Touched by her story, some friends contacted the ER office to see if the Bihar Christian Church (BCC) could make use of some simple tracts they have written and published in Hindi. The director of the Mumbai SOE has already distributed thousands of these tracts with great success, and now more will be printed to support M____’s ministry and that of other evangelists there. Please pray with us as God’s word, You are Special, goes forth in Bihar.

 BCC’s newsletter contained other wonderful testimonies in July. Forty people completed training in Portable Bible Schools (PBSes) in two villages. Out of them, twelve were young men who are committed to continue their learning through the youth fellowship of their churches. Some of the women who got the training will be helping in conducting the women’s fellowships. This confirms God’s leading as He has empowered ER to focus on youth evangelism through the Great Commission Challenge Camps, and women’s discipleship through the new program, Women’s Impact Ministries.

Be blessed by these testimonies culled from the words of two students:

My name is (name withheld) and I live in (name withheld) village. My pastor invited me to join the Portable Bible School which was held. In the PBS I learned many things about God and His creation. During my study my faith was strengthened. On the weekends we were asked to go to the nearby villages and share about Christ with the  people there; and as a result, two families accepted Christ and they started coming to the Church regularly! On the day of the PBS graduation I was baptized with my husband. Now I want to be a witness for Christ in my community!

My name is (name withheld) and I joined the Portable Bible School in (name withheld) village. One day I heard the teaching about faith and prayer. I came to know that if I pray with faith, the Lord Jesus can do anything for me!

I had a long-time problem with my land, as my neighbor tried to take it illegally. So, I started to pray to Jesus to solve my problem. God listened to my prayer! After one week the man who took my land illegally came to see me. Surprisingly, he gave me the papers for my land and my problem was solved! I went to many villages during the PBS training and told the people about this wonderful work of the Lord in my life, how He answered my prayers. Through my witnessing I brought three people Christ!

Ministry Summary – July 2013
We praise God for what He has done through our pastors and evangelists during the month of July. Here is the summary report:
Villages Reached… 110
People Reached….. 15,892
People Responded.. 2,702
People baptized…….. 207
Preparing for baptism 566

The Bihar Christian Church is only one of the many fine organizations which conduct ER ministries around the world. Praise God with us for these faithful partners, and ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon these witnesses, that they will be empowered to boldly go forth to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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