Friday, January 17, 2014

Casting the Net for the Kaibartta

As you read the timeline below, perhaps you can begin to understand why we at Evangelism Resources are so excited about our endeavor to reach Unreached People Groups!  One such group adopted by ER is the Kaibartta tribe of India.  Read the text below to see how God is moving among them to reach them with the gospel!

June, 2013

The Kaibartta tribe of India is identified as an unreached, unengaged people group (UPG) within the sphere of influence of ER’s Schools of Evangelism. Research on the tribe is conducted on the Joshua Project website and a flyer is prepared to recruit prayer partners.

July, 2013

God stirs prayer for the Kaibartta tribe as people pick up the UPG flyers at the ER Board meeting and summer dinner events. Partners begin to pray for Great Commission outreach to the Kaibartta. Their prayers are heard by Almighty God!

September, 2013

The Director of the Odisha SOE reports that some of his students have already begun outreach among the Kaibartta.

October 11, 2013

Cyclone Phailin, a Category Five storm, slams into coastal Odisha, India. It greatly affects thousands from the Kaibartta tribe, coastal dwellers who rely on fishing as their primary occupation. Homes and belongings are swept away by widespread flooding, and many escape death with only the clothing on their backs. However, in spite of the ferocity of the storm, few lives are lost... “a miracle,” say some.

In Genesis 50:20, Joseph said to his brothers, “you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.” Could the same be said of Cyclone Phailin? Could God bring good out of something apparently so evil?

October 12, 2013

The Odisha SOE and sponsoring organization Odisha Follow-Up (OFU) swing into action immediately. Students are trained and become active in disaster relief doing lifesaving, providing food and clean drinking water, and assisting government workers who use their campus as a staging ground for rescue operations.

November-December, 2013

The U.S. Kaibartta prayer team and ER donors respond to the plea for funds to assist in rebuilding the lives of the Kaibartta people. $17,000 is immediately sent to OFU for “buckets of love” with food and supplies which are given to the Kaibartta and other needy people in the region. As they provide material goods such as blankets and tarps, SOE students share the biblical account of Noah and the flood, and give encouragement about a loving God who is providing for their needs during this crisis. For some, this is the first time they have heard the gospel! OFU becomes known as a place where loving assistance is offered to rebuild homes and provide seeds and fertilizer for agricultural property stripped of topsoil, giving hope for a crop next year.

January, 2014

A cultural event, the “Sea Beach Festival,” is held in Odisha on January 14. Over 5,000 Kaibartta attend, and 200 of their leaders are present in a small meeting (because of concerns about persecution) where the SOE Director shared the gospel. ALL 200 PRAY THE SINNER’S PRAYER! 1,000 Bibles will be distributed through Kaibartta schools in the coming months. January 21-23, OFU plans to bring 200 house-church planters together including some Kaibartta, to give fresh orientation and evangelism strategy training. The Kaibartta are no longer unengaged, praise God!  Our Director and his team are engaging them! Pray with the Kaibartta team for ongoing efforts which will include sponsoring promising Kaibartta believers to Portable Bible Schools and Schools of Evangelism!

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