Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prayer is Building God's Kingdom in Gujarat!

Meetings in yet-unfinished building

“Prayer is not a passive activity. Prayer alters us. It awakens us. Our eyes begin to notice beauty where we never noticed it before. Our hearts begin to feel compassion we never knew we had. Our priorities shift. As we talk to God, we receive the encouragement to live up to the potential inside us. Soon we start to see beyond ourselves into the world that is waiting for our help.”

Madhya Pradesh School of Evangelism (SOE) Director S____ F____ wrote eloquently about prayer because he and his students pray regularly.  Many of our SOEs hold prayer vigils—some fast and pray all night, lifting up not only their own needs, but those on ER’s Prayer Hotline.

Director F____ visits the construction site

Prayer is undergirding a very important new effort by the Director and his SOE. Sensing that God is opening a door, and having practical experience in evangelistic efforts, S___ and his team know that the people of Gujarat are hungry for God. Madhya Pradesh borders Gujarat, and the two neighboring states in India share languages, people groups, and customs. Many unreached people groups reside in the region, and millions of people have no witness for Christ among them.

S___ and his team hope to remedy that situation. They are constructing a building as a center for outreach, having already raised and spent nearly $30,000. In January of 2014, walls are going up, and meetings have already been held there which have been attended by hundreds of people. Not depending solely on foreign help, local church members from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are also giving sacrificially for this endeavor. Some are even donating sand to assist in the project.

Under construction is a church hall. The first floor is targeted for completion this year, with 2,880 square feet of meeting room. Six or seven rooms in the second phase of building will be set aside for SOE students to live, but when instruction begins in July they will likely be living in temporary quarters behind movable partitions. 30 students are expected. They will remain at the school for nine months, and upon graduation they will be launched into church planting ministries.

ER has already sent start-up funds for the SOE in the amount of $2,000. Upon receiving this provision, S___ wrote, While we certainly know the joy of giving, I must be honest and let you know there is a whole lot of joy in receiving too, especially a gift of this magnitude and thoughtfulness. Needless to say, our hearts are overjoyed and full of thanksgiving first of all to our Lord and Savior, and secondly to you for being obedient to the prompting he placed in your heart.”

He continued with this written prayer: Heavenly Father, You are the Lord and there is no other. You publicly proclaim bold promises;  we thank You for giving our leaders the vision to build.  Thank You for providing the resources for us to build.  Thank You, Father, for being a wall of fire and protection around all the families of ER and those involved in the construction of this new building. He also requested, Please hold us up to God when you pray that we may continue to be a blessing to those in need of the glorious gospel.”

He closed his e-mail simply, “Salutations, S___.”  Please pray with us, actively and not passively (in S___’s words), that God will answer the prayers of these precious people as they build God’s Kingdom in Gujarat. 

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