Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miracles Among the Miri

 U___ lingered on the edge of the crowd. Curiosity had drawn him to the Christian baptism service. He had never before heard the gospel of Jesus, but he felt his heart strangely warmed. Five people were immersed in the water, and each seemed to come up with great joy. The evangelist then asked, “Is there anyone else who desires to receive Christ and be baptized?”  Suddenly, U____ knew that he did. His new life began that day in 1996 when he strode forward, accepted Christ, received baptism, and became a servant of the one true God.

These humble beginnings were the start of a move of God among the Miri, U_____'s tribe. The Miri remain unreached, 0% evangelical Christians among them, according to surveys. U_____ and those early Miri believers faced fierce persecution from Hindu family, friends, and neighbors. However, God has ways of overcoming opposition!
U_____ received a menacing threat from one man—cease his efforts to convert Hindus to Christianity, or else face death. He was given an ultimatum of fifteen days.  But within those fifteen days the antagonist got drunk and was killed in a motorcycle accident. As one might expect, U_____ reported that persecution diminished somewhat following that event.
One of U___'s cousins had spent more than $3,000 on doctors seeking a remedy for his illness. This was a fortune for a Miri tribesman, most of whom are poor farmers. Five others suffered from the same malady.  As a last resort, U____ was called upon to pray to his God, and all were healed, placed their faith in Christ and were baptized!
U___ attended the ER School of Evangelism in the state of Assam, graduating in 2007. Other Miri tribesmen have also studied there, and through their efforts they have begun planting house churches.  Together they have evangelized twenty villages. Forty-seven people have accepted Christ and been baptized! Four house churches have been planted among the Miri, with an average attendance of 12 each. God is on the move, calling the Miri to repentance and salvation.
U____ needs help to accomplish his mission to win the Miri. One little church has been built, and it is too small now, praise God, to house the congregation! Funds are needed for a larger building, and for a motorcycle for U_____ to use as he travels from village to village as one of the leaders of this burgeoning work.
In 2013 Evangelism Resources published the names of fifteen unreached people groups (UPGs), one of them being the Miri, and encouraged people to “adopt” them. Those who adopt a UPG are challenged to pray and give financially, if God directs, to support evangelism efforts among that people group. Only one person thus far has adopted the Miri—more people are needed to pray! U__ and his fellow SOE graduates are counting on us to support their efforts. They know, as we do, that it is God who sends laborers into whitened harvest fields, and He has commanded us to pray for them (Luke 10:2).
Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to join the Miri prayer team? Send an e-mail to Evangelism Resources at:  We will be happy to add your name to the team, send you materials to help you pray with wisdom, and report to you the advances of the gospel among the Miri and other UPGs.

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