Friday, May 2, 2014

One UPG Reaching Another!

M___ M___ and his family

In the remote village of H____, in the Indian State of Jharkhand, M___ M___ was in trouble. His beloved wife suffered from epilepsy and he was desperate for her to be healed. M___ is Santal, from an Unreached People Group of 8.3 million that has been greatly impacted by ER’s Jharkhand School of Evangelism (SOE) and its graduates who have been working among them for several years.
M___ had already left his Animist religion and converted to Hinduism, but that change merely added to his sorrows. His worship of the many gods and goddesses was only empty ritual. Eventually, M___ met a Christian pastor sponsored by ER’s partner ministry in Jharkhand and a graduate of the Jharkhand SOE, who prayed over his wife, and she was instantly healed! They accepted Jesus right away, and M___ M___ dedicated his life to serving Christ.
M___ (center) leads evening evangelistic meeting
M___ was trained in the Jharkhand School of Evangelism, and felt called to the mission field in Eastern Jharkhand state. This is a vastly unreached region with over 120 villages where the gospel has never been preached! Nearly 100,000 people live in the region. 60% are Hindu, 20% are animist, and 20% are Muslim. Alcoholism and illiteracy are among the many scourges of the people that make evangelism difficult and discouraging.
A Nai family in Eastern Jharkhand
M___ is engaging these unreached people. At least six tribes designated “Least Reached” by the Joshua Project are among them, including the Nai.  Read more about the Nai UPG on the Joshua Project website at:  
This is M___’s strategy for ministry which he learned in SOE training: first he chooses a receptive village, surveys it, develops bridges of friendship with the people, and preaches the gospel in evening meetings. With those who show interest and willingness, he starts a discipleship series called New Life. Then, with those who have come to Christ, he plants a church in an unreached region. Presently M___ has surveyed 15 villages. His plan is to baptize 15 families in the next year, and within five years about 100 families.
M___’s testimony contains a riveting detail. ER's strategy of reaching M____’s people (the Santal) has resulted in sending a converted Santal as a missionary to the Nai. One member of a UPG is now reaching out to another! Evangelism Resources, through its project to engage Unreached People Groups through Schools of Evangelism, has the potential to repeat M___’s story hundreds of times.
ER is asking for prayer for M____ M____. Please pray with them in these requests:

  •       Pray for him to complete 60 Gospel evening meetings in 20 villages in 2014.
  •       Ask God to help him find a place to rent to use as a base of operations.
  •       Pray for Chandmuni Kisku to remain healthy, with no recurrence of epilepsy.  

Learn more about ER's Unreached People Group project 

on our website at: our UPG page.

Learn more about M___'s School of Evangelism training 

on our website at: our School of Evangelism page.

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