Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Under the Coconut Tree

Rev. D. B. H. (left) preaches to the Kaibartta House Church in D_______ village

The small group of people sitting under a coconut tree would likely have no significance to most onlookers. But to a group of people praying in the United States, their assembly is a direct answer to prayer. For more than a year, ER’s Kaibartta UPG (Unreached People Group) prayer team has been interceding before God’s throne for evangelism among this simple tribe of fishermen.

Outreach began soon after prayer commenced, with disaster relief following a major cyclone. Months later the gospel of Jesus Christ was presented at a Sea Beach community festival, and 200 Kaibartta leaders indicated they wanted to receive Christ. Schools were started for the Kaibartta children with teachers and support provided by Evangelism Resources’ partner ministry in Odisha State, Odisha Follow-up (OFU).  Click here to send an e-mail requesting a pictorial timeline of events following the formation of the Kaibartta prayer team.

In mid-July another exciting development was reported by Rev. D.B. H., leader of OFU. In D_____ village (name withheld to protect the Christians from persecution) a key Kaibartta leader and his family invited OFU to begin worship services in his home!  An OFU/ER trained pastor, who lives in a nearby village with his family, responded to the call and now a small church is meeting regularly. 

Hrudaya also reports a second open door!  Worship has begun in T________ village, with a small group of people comprised of two Kaibartta families. These simple people are also very poor – notice the dwelling in the background of the picture above.  In these locations the houses are small, and during the rainy season it is extremely difficult to travel. T_______ is in the very eastern edge of the district – from OFU headquarters in Balasore it is a 160 kilmoeter trip lasting five hours, including 40 minutes by boat!  Nevertheless, OFU plans to send someone to T_______ each Sunday for the next couple of months. 

Challenges abound, but God’s grace abounds more! Ministry to these dear souls is advancing, fueled by the prayers of the Kaibartta UPG prayer team. You can pray for the Kaibartta by asking God to assist in the training of local laypeople to pastor these small churches. If you’d like to join the Kaibartta UPG team, or a prayer team praying for outreach to any of the 15 Unreached People Groups adopted by Evangelism Resources, please send an e-mail to:  You may learn more about any of these groups on ER’s web page devoted to UPGs. .

One clear truth can be illustrated by these events:  God responds to the prayers of His people for lost souls.  Are you praying?

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